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When you look to secure your business, start with an Accredited Business for your security needs.

Stop Filtering Spam, Eliminate it!

Firewalls don't stop spam, but we do. SpamZapper® Eliminates Spam & provides Email security.

SpamZapper is Real Email SecurityWhile other services attempt to filter through the Spam, and give you scanned spam. SpamZapper® eliminates the Spam and lets you read Email!  We have the only Spam Firewall that actually works, and also works to protect your internet connection as well.  Our SpamZapper® is a server based solution for businesses to fight spam, and internet attacks.

Internet Security is essential today. The SpamZapper® has been protecting the email accounts of Security Professionals Internationally. SpamZapper has been proven to reduce the potential for Hackers to gain access to your computer, your network, your private information.  Imagine, eliminating Hackers, with the SpamZapper.

Developed by Security Professionals, used by Security Professionals, now you can select the SpamZapper to improve the security at your organization today.

Tired of Image Based Spam? We are, so we implemented image scanning in SpamZapper to eliminate the Stock, Prescription and other Spam Messages which are sent to you via the images. You can read the Ides of March about here.

Stop Filtering SPAM!

You can be Virus and Maintenance free.  SpamZapper stops intrusions, protects your identity by stopping identity theft and improves your network performance.  Eliminating Spam can also improve your Disaster Recovery strategy for your business.  Does your company have a strategy in place yet?

We'll protect your Email, and show you Free Virus scanning tools for you to use.

Call us today and we can protect you today.

Another satisfied customer, saved from the hackers.

May 29, 2008

Thank you again for your fast, professional, & extremely knowledgeable services.

Spam problems gone within 30 minutes!

Our spam problem had got so bad that during a spam attack our mail server's resources would be consumed processing spam, which caused our IMAP clients to receive connection timeouts, bringing our email system to a halt until the spam attack passed.

During the last week of our spam problem our mail server was brought down (unable to accept imap connections) at 9:00AM & 1:00PM daily and was down for 30 minutes to an hour each spam attack.

Then, with client and management frustrations mounting over our email outages, we were hit with our hardest spam attack. An email outage that started at 9:00Am and continued through noon.

A friend suggested the Spam Zapper service. I contacted Spam Zapper at 1:00PM and was impressed to hear how quickly & easily it was to implement the Spam Zapper service, we signed on immediately. We saw a difference within 30 minutes!

Our daily 9:00AM & 1:00PM spam attacks stopped, faster internet performance due to our internet bandwidth no longer being flooded by spam, and best of all - no more spam!

Dave Shanefelter
IT Director


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